The Blitz Address

So this is a first.

I would like to proudly welcome everyone back to Waterbucket, and promise as the new management to do everything that I can to make this experience as great as possible. Among the things on the to-do list are a new marketing campaign, revised plugins, and a business plan for the next two updates based on speculation and current trends.

The change came up about a month ago, and we were working out some of the logistics in the interim. As some of you may know, Gill is a graduating Senior, and he’s going to pursue a Pre-Med degree, a time consuming and difficult task. Life comes before server, and as an Admin, I was invited to take over the reins...

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There is a new Owner

Hey guys,

I wanted to let everyone know that I am stepping down as Owner of Waterbucket. I have had this server for 2 years and I just don’t have time to manage it. Don’t worry though, the server will not be shut down. Blitz is taking over command and I know she will do a great job being Owner.  I will occasionally get on the server to see everyone. If you have any questions feel free to email me at .

-Adam (Gilligamber)

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From December 20 to January 1 we are having a sale on all of the donation ranks. The sale is as followed:

Donate for one rank and get the next one up
Example: If I was a builder and donated for VIP I would get the supporter rank

If you are leader, it is half off of Creative
Meaning you will only have to pay $10 more for Creative.

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Christmas Map


Hey, All,

Blitz here with Holiday greetings and info on the Christmas map that’s recently been released.

Opening Day– Sunday, December 15th

1PM: Fireworks Show
2PM: Block Breaking: Pixel Art Contest
2PM: Opening of Santa’s Workshop / Secret Santa Hall

Thursday, December 19th – Friday, December 20th–

Thurs- Fri: Free Cakes, Cookies, (Whatever Bud Wants to Give Out), and Fireworks for Everyone.
4PM, Fri: Winter Classic Spleef Game (Best 3 of 5)
Tridonia Tesla Coils vs. Eldring City Engineers
5PM Fri.: Party led by DJ Mixmaster (TBA) at the Smokestack Club (002 Holly Ave, Christmas Town).

December 11th is Bud’s 14th Birthday.
December 19th is Blitz’ 18th Birthday.
December 20th is Gill’s 18th Birthday.

Tuesday, December 24th–

12M: Firework Show

Wednesday, December 25th–


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We have a Fourm!

Hey guys,

I have recently add a forum to the website. I would like every person to sign up on it and create posts. This will help us create a better community and allow everyone to talk to each other even when they are not on the server. Post anything you want and comment on anything. I can’t wait to talk to you guys on there!

- Gilligamber

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1.6 Update


Hey guys,

I wanted to let you guys know that we will be switching the maps once the new update comes out on Monday. Knowing that, I will have the server on a temp map while the staff gets the new world ready for you. Everything will be reset this time. I am doing this so everyone starts off with the same thing. Balances will be reset and so will inventories. With the inventories everyone will be given a full inventory of various items.  You will not be able to go back to the old world to get your stuff, but the map will be up for download on the website.

Please don’t try to convince me or any of the staff to change anything about what was said above. See you guys on the server =)

- Gilligamber

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Minecraft 1.5


We will be going back to the old map once bukkit updates to a stable build. I will link the 2 worlds for just 2 days for you to move the stuff that you got from the temp map and move it to the normal map. This will all take place in about a day or two. I’ll keep you posted the best i can =)

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New Website

Hey guys its Gill, sorry the website has been down we are redoing it. The website should be completely done in a few days thanks for your understanding.

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